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Together and all by themselves. 
I have no inspiration for painting these days. But of course it’ll come. Sooner or later🍀This one flew to Stockholm years ago. I remember how the face came up of its own from the paper. Sometimes a motive take over and I’ve nothing to set against the paintings own will.Different worlds 
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#canvaspainting #instaabstract #abstractpainting #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #konst  #kunst #konstutställningInner room

Rättning i bildtexten
*hade varken jag och någon annan nån aning om vad våren framför oss skulle innebära.

Usually Easter days are highlights for people interested in art. Normally you can find exhibitions in a lot of places. As we all know this spring is very different.
A local paper @arbetarbladet is helping out the lost of seeing art with presentations of some paintings and artists.
My painting “Inner room” is one of them being presented.
My text is about how different a lot of things are now compared to a half year ago when this pic was born. ”Today I feel that the image is a tribute to the inner room of all living beings.”#contemporaryart #art #instaart #konst #konstrundan2020 #kunst

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