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Painting day! These are on going, again and again.
On the big ☝🏽, plastic film has been used a lot. Now it’s time to calm certain areas down. Another decision, what is up, and down...Another collage on canvas. 
The paper Aftonbladet in some pieces mixed with gouache.
I’m fond of playing with different papers, trying to connect them together with not a single clue of what the motive will end.
Life is good! Last weekend I could dive into hours and hours of concentration. Decisions like colours, papers and other painting media’s could be central. Luckily I had another painter to share the weekend with. Christina is inspiring,colourful, brave and full of expressions.With a view 
#collage #gouacheMeet the groundOpen space 
Old watercolour paintings are in my mind today. Aiming for recycling. More colours! Some small paper pieces upon areas I’m not satisfied with.Half day off. I took my time painting. Sleeping Morris, one of our kittens, was my company. 
Painting number one is ready, I think.
Number two needs to take care of.
#contemporaryart #nature #abstractnatureart #watercolor #kunst #konst #art #canvas #markmakingart #markmaking #expressionism

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