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Konstrundan Gästrik Konst 2019

Hela påskhelgen kl 11-16

Jag håller till i Wij Herrgård, Ockelbo


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Grateful for all visitors that I meet this Easter exhibition Gästrik Konst 2019. Art talk with visitors and art companions. Now I’ll take some holiday weeks from painting... maybe, maybe not😅Yesterday morning I had to take off some red colours from this big ☝🏽 Canyons helped me with making more structure. In the exhibition hall I could imagine a big studio. What a gift!
Today is last day of the exhibition #gästrikkonst2019 #wijträdgårdar #ockelboDay two at Gästrik Konst. Half the exhibition time starts in a couple of hours. The feeling this time is gratefulness.
#aglimseofmypaintings#gästrikkonst2019 #konstrundan2019 #exhibition #samlingsutställning #sandvikenskonsthall 
Titel: Trygg hela dagen, 100x120cm
The painting is at an exhibition with other picks from everyone participating at Gästrik Konst. It’s a big one and hopefully it’ll find a new home. My house is crowded 😆Some of the paintings at my exhibition this Easter.Force field 
Gallery in my website:
http://www.helenalinder.se/galleri/ .
Suddenly I’ve decided what direction the painting had. This is it!
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