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A starter. My husband asked if I was angry, because the choose of colours.
- No no, the colours are just a sign of determination... that was some hours ago :)Gold seat - Guldsits
Many hours, painting this one, over and over again, this summer.
Now it’s done ✅
Autumn can come 🍁🍂Gold seat
100x100 cm
#mixedmediaoncanvas #tobecontinuedpaintingPaintings hanging in Wij Trädgårdskök, Ockelbo. The restaurant at Wij Trädgårdar (Garden).
When Birdie flew away, another takes place. Whispering is staying on the stove (sold).
ISize: one square meter.Birdie is flying away north, and then south. That’s what a lot of birds do, and so do Birdie also.
Good luck in new home🍀This painting is stubborn, really a nasty one☝🏽. I think it has been none cooperative my whole summer vacation. A LOT of hours painting and repainting. Grrrrrr🤬 But who knows, maybe the real one is going to show up tomorrow or next week, year. 
If you think that it’s easy painting every time.... you are wrong. Perhaps some artists just do it, but that’s not me.
Never ever give up!!!!

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