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Ett tiotal bilder finns att se hos Wij Trädgårdskök i Ockelbo.


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“Collect in the garners”
Today the owners of the painting send me a photo from their livingroom. Their satisfaction with the picture made my day🙂
Have had some hours in the studio today. My companion were two kittens and a Labrador. Great buddies😍😻😻A starter. My husband asked if I was angry, because the choose of colours.
- No no, the colours are just a sign of determination... that was some hours ago :)Gold seat - Guldsits
Many hours, painting this one, over and over again, this summer.
Now it’s done ✅
Autumn can come 🍁🍂Gold seat
100x100 cm
#mixedmediaoncanvas #tobecontinuedpaintingPaintings hanging in Wij Trädgårdskök, Ockelbo. The restaurant at Wij Trädgårdar (Garden).
When Birdie flew away, another takes place. Whispering is staying on the stove (sold).
ISize: one square meter.Birdie is flying away north, and then south. That’s what a lot of birds do, and so do Birdie also.
Good luck in new home🍀

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